Build Your Own Camera

I’ve been following a few on-line photography forums (not for long though!) that have been full of everyone’s idea of the perfect camera. I’ve now fed everyone’s camera choices and desired specifications into my Nintendo DS and after much groaning, and soul-searching, it has computed that the ultimate camera based on all the available data is…

…a SenikcannenxZorBludWeltzer MK6 with the double centrifugelknockometer switch and integral fu-fu valve..sounds great doesn’t it!

It takes film, clingfilm, super 8 film, glass negatives, plus negatives, minus negatives, digital film, film digital, plus it has a built-in two-legged tripod and you can send it out to take pictures while you’re at the pub…all this in something just the size of a small family car.

It also has a special Henri-Cartier Bresson button for those rare magical moments too!

You can programme it to take the dog for a walk (if you don’t have a dog it’ll even find one for you!)

I’m going to put it straight into production, for the body I need a cardboard container…now where did I put that old Hasselblad camera box?

Will it take great photographs?

Well, according to those forums mentioned earlier, it seems that actually taking photographs is not really the priority…it’s a question of having something around your neck that makes you look good!


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