Why Cartier-Bresson’s photographs suck.

Bold statement or stupid statement? Dead simple really; ‘No IBIS? It’s a deal breaker.’ ‘Only 25,600? It’s a deal breaker.’ ‘EVF? It’s a deal breaker.’ ‘Only 4.5 frames per second? It’s a deal breaker.’ ‘It’s too (insert one the following…big, small, light, heavy, ugly, slow) It’s a deal breaker.’ ‘It doesn’t look (insert one of the following…pretty, macho, professional, … Continue reading Why Cartier-Bresson’s photographs suck.

Statue of Liberty

I’ve been suggesting that DSLR’s with flippy-flappy mirrors could be slowly on their way out. How slowly I couldn’t possibly know but there’s a lot of new mirrorless cameras hitting the market now and (allegedly) in the near future (Sony full frame?). For the moment I’ve still got my D3 and pro glass but I … Continue reading Statue of Liberty